July 22 through July 31
Lake City Work Team 2
The 2nd Lake City team is here.
July 22
The second group from LC3 has arrived. After spending some time in Anchorage as "tourists" the group came to Houston and went right to work. Here Nick and Bob are installing the breaker panel and Jon, John, Terry, Bill, and Karl are determining the best way to get metal roofing to the top of the house.

In these pictures, Chet and Jon are finishing the gable-end fascia board and at around 7:00PM everyone sat down to a nice dinner prepared by Judy and Wanda. Lasagna, salad, garlic bread, and cookies. Yum! Thanks ladies.

July 23
Work began on the metal roof this afternoon. After figuring out what each piece we had was for and figuring out which pieces were missing, the roof is underway. We unloaded all of the roofing on the roof to free up the scissor lift for the Georgia team tommorow.

Most of the upstairs electrical rough wiring took place this afternoon and the plumbing started in earnest after a laborous trip through Lowes and Home Depot.

July 24
The bulk of the metal roof is on. It looks beautiful. Great work Chet, Terry and John.

The plumbing and electrical teams are making great progress as well. Electrical is nearly finished upstairs and plumbing is nearly finished downstairs.

July 25
The indoor plumbing and electrical crews got plenty done and enjoyed working hard.

The bulk of the metal roof is on just in time for the outdoor crew to come in and insulate while it rained. Out in the rain, Chet prepared the special trim pieces to put up once the roof is dry and safe again. A large portion of the exterior walls now have the necessary fiberglass insulation installed thanks to Terry and John.

July 26
With the weather a little more cooperative today it is time for the roof again. The scissor lift gives a great view and allows for easy acess to the gables.

Pastor Jim arrived today and got us started with the siding. The first layer of siding around the top of the basement is well underway. Tyvek and windows come next before we start on the siding for the main floor.

July 27
Busy, busy. Work, work! House wrap, electrical finish work upstairs, waste water plumbing, electrical wiring downstairs, roof ridge vent, fresh water plumbing, fixing the modified chain saw (to bury electrical wires into the styrofoam walls), and ground-level flashing.Whew! What a day! Everyone is quite tired.

July 28
With great weather for flying last night and today, everyone took a much needed "play" rest. Brian again took people on a flightseeing tour to Knik glacier. Also, Wanda and Verna Lou were able to fly to Nenana to visit Dee Eldridge.

Amidst all the playing, more progress was made on the siding, electrical, and fresh water work while the waste water plumbing is completed. Thanks Bob Hayes. You ROCK! Drainage pipe was buried and Rob began his many hours of dirt work to create a new ground level for the house.

July 29
Today, our team was reduced in size. Bob, Wanda, and Verna Lou left to return to Washington via a cruise line. Have fun guys! The rest of us made progress. All lights inside the house now work. Thanks Nick, Bill, and Bob. The freshwater plumbing and siding are also about 70% completed.

July 30
Weather wise, today was a miserable day. After visiting Faith Bible Fellowship, the siding crew worked hard at putting up the siding and wrestling the mud. The scissor lift was often stuck or spinning its wheels. Josh and the electrical crew had it a bit easier because they were under the cover of the new roof.

July 31
God blessed us with no rain today. This allowed the siding crew to complete siding on all four walls, less the gables. Chet even got the first door in.

Thank you Lake City Community Church for all of your love and practical support. We enjoyed spending time with you all! Know you are welcome back any time (to visit and not necessarily work).