June 26 through July 6 Getting Ready
Karl returned to finish off his last week with Intel while Kristan continued the work with Rob on getting the foundation ready for the July 8 work crew. Karl returned and together we continued preparations.
June 26
Today Kristan got most of the 6th layer in by herself. She is waiting for Rob to get the rebar in and to figure out how to tie into the garage. In the evening Kristan started some more work on the cabin. She put up this curtain to keep the sunlight out during the night and also has started placing brackets and cutting shelf material to better optimize our space usage.

June 27
With Rob and Kristan working together they got to the 8th row of foam. This completes foam forms for the basement walls. There still is some bracing and a little triming left before they will be ready to pour. Given that tommorow afternoon is forecast to be a little to hot for pouring Thursday morning will probably be when the basement walls are poured. In the second photo you can see where the garage slab will join the basement wall. Also you can see the tunnel that will be used to get the heating tubes to the boiler in the garage.

June 28

Today started with getting the foam braced securely and finishing off the last bit of spray foam to make sure everything is secure. After an inspection in the morning, the wall pour is planned for tommorow afternoon.
In the afternoon Kristan and Rob made a run to town for supplies. When they returned, Rob started leveling out the area under the garage and Kristan finished installing the shelves in the cabin. The extra organizational space in the cabin will help with our sanity.

June 29
This was Kristan's first ever concrete pour. A pump truck with an extra long hose was used to get the concrete to pour down inside the 8ft walls.

The pour was done in three "lifts", with the pump circling the walls three times adding more height each time.

Here you can see how the distribution of concrete is critical where the webs disturb the flow. In the last picture you can see that the walls are poured and have anchor bolts installed to mount the mudsill. It is great to see that the walls are up and soon will be ready for framing!

June 30
This was Karl's last day at Intel. Cake, a photo op, plenty of discussion and then pizza. A great send off. Lots of good friendships that I hope will not end.

July 1 and July 2
Not much went on on the first that was worthy of pictures, here are the basement walls dutifully drying. Karl arrived at 1AM Sunday morning, to stay in Alaska for good. Sunday after a barbeque at church we came back to work on the house. Here Karl is working on setting up the pedastal for the Electrical meter base that the power company will feed to. Kristan trimmed up the window edges and spray foam on the foundation to prepare for the sheets of sealant that will be installed tommorow, weather permitting (it must be dry and > 65 deg).

July 3
Today Karl was able to finish up the power meter base pedestal. Now we are able to be on the power company waiting list.

When Rob arrived we started work on the foundation again. Here we are applying the sealer. We put it on something like wallpaper. We need to get the garage end sealed up so we can start backfilling to complete the garage footers and slab.

July 4 - Happy Independence Day!
Whew, what a day! The excitement for today included doing some backfill on the west side of the basement and preparing the ground for the garage foundation.

As the backfill was happening, we were also able to make more progress on applying the blue waterproof membrane around the styrofoam walls. We now have the entire west and south side of the basement exterior walls covered and should be able to finish the north and east sides tomorrow, weather permitting.

July 5
Today was not a bright sunny day, therefore we were unable to apply the rest of the blue waterproofing onto the outside of the house. Instead, today was spent creating the forms for the garage foundation. Also, rough plumbing was completed for underneath the garage slab.

July 6
The weather here was overcast and somewhat cold. Karl, Kristan, and Rob spent the morning preparing for the work teams that will be showing up here in a few days. Trailers were moved around (per picture), appliances were put in place, electricity and water were hooked up to the trailers, etc. etc. The work that did get done on our house included getting the foam insulation and rebar placed correctly for the garage footer concrete pour tomorrow.