July 18 through July 21
Lull Between Storms
Plenty of preparation and building to do before the 2nd Lake City team gets here.
July 18
This morning was filled with facilitating a team from Georgia. This group of men came all the way to Alaska to meet KAGV's building (finishing) needs. This afternoon, Karl and Jon worked on installing the fascia board on the back (north) side of the house and the soffit material.

Also, in the early morning and after dinner, Karl was able to bring running water to our small cabin. Yeah! No more hauling big 5-gallon containers. We only have cold water, but it works when you turn on our future bathroom faucet. By future I mean this is a faucet that will eventually end up in a bathroom in our new house. Karl says, "If Kristan doesn't find me handsome, at least she finds me handy!" He is handsome, very! And handy of course.

July 19
Again this morning Karl and Kristan were working on procuring construction materials for the Georgia work team. It is fun for us to be able to do some work that relates to the mission instead of a steady diet of our own house building. Meanwhile . . . Jon and Ian were busy working on the roof sheathing. After lunch, Karl and Kristan were at the home site. Here Jon is working on the roof with Kristan underneath working on the waterproof membrane.

By the end of the day, Jon, Ian, and Karl had almost the entire 80 feet of roof line sheathed, less the west end. This included the soffit material where it will be seen from the underside of the metal roof.

July 20
Jon and Ian went to visit Denali National Park today. Kristan stayed at the radio studio and helped the team from Georgia again. Today the combination of volunteer men and women were able to accomplish a great deal of work.

Karl took a trip into town and worked on getting electrical materials for the next LC3 team that will arrive on Saturday. This includes lots of electrical boxes, romex wire, bathroom fans, a breaker box, and much, much more!

July 21
Last night before he went to bed, Karl cut the gable truss on the west side of the house and installed the outlookers. This enabled Jon and Karl to finish sheathing the roof today. We were also able to get more than half of it covered with tar paper before we ran out. Oh, well! That just means another trip to SBS (Spenard Builder's Supply). Kristan spent most of the day in Anchorage buying food supplies for the second LC3 team arriving tomorrow morning. Stay tuned for great pics, starring Chet, John, Josh, Terry, Judy, Bob, Wanda, Verna Lou, Bill, Nick, and Bob!