July through September 2008

July 1 thru July 6
Kristofer keeps on expanding his culinary horizons. Here he takes on a piece of pizza crust and some refried beans, hard to tell who is winning, the beans or Kristofer.

Nothing like a soft surprise to bring a chuckle to Kristofers lips. Who knew throwing a little rag at our kid could be so much fun for everyone involved.

Spending some outdoors time with his daddy, Kristofer gets to taste some rock, the pizza crust definitely has this rock thing beat.

While outside this funky bird made it clear that it was upset about something. Constantly yelling at us and occasionally dive bombing straight at us.

In the evenings when Kristofer sleeps we have been able to make some progress routing radiant tubing under the main floor.

On the fourth we went to town to watch the parade. No marching bands and only one real float but it was a lot of fun to see all the different groups walking around dressed oddly.

In the afternoon the Thiemes took a hike along the Little Su River and came out a Miller's Market. Wow the tourist season has really gotten into full swing. Here there are 4 tour busses full of folks trying to get that famous Miller's ice cream.

Shssh.... Be wery-wery quiet we are hunting little blue "O's". Here Kristofer is modelling his new float coat, maybe we will get a chance to get out on the water together as a family.

We are headed out to temporarily staff the station in Bethel this Tuesday. We ask that you pray for us as we go and also pray that the Lord would make himself clear as to His plans for this radio station in Bethel, Alaska.

July 7 thru July 13
Well this week we are off to Bethel but not before we setup a few last things. Here we are checking out a watering timer to keep the grass seed that John planted growing. On Tuesday we are off to the airport.

For the last couple of months John and Pat Fenton have been keeping KYKD running. Now is their time to head back home to New York. Their service here is greatly appreciated we enjoyed working with them.

A wave farewell and then they are off into the sky.

So here we are at KYKD Radio in Bethel Alaska. In this picture you can see the facilities of KYKD. The studio is close to the main road with the duplex behind it. As an FM station, the actually antennas are the white objects you see on the side of the tower, at KAGV the entire tower is the antenna due to the longer wavelengths of AM radio waves. In the picture on the right you can see a typical view in Bethel. The land is flat, the plant life is vigourous and short.

While this city is a great distance from the road system almost anything you could want in most towns is available here. With three grocery stores and at least two gas stations the concern isn't availability, it is cost.

Both to use the things we had already purchased and to save a little bit on cost we had shipped some of our food and supplies out here ahead of us. Well something happened at the Post Office and Kristofer's diapers and his cereal didn't make it until Friday. With only a couple day's worth of diapers travelling with us, Kristofer had a rather improvisational Thursday. On Friday when the packages finally arrived he immediately recognized the familiar rice cereal that has become a base for many of his meals.

Here Kristofer waits anxiously as some of mommy's bread bakes. Kristofer also enjoys watching his mom doing radio work through the sound proof window.

Here Kristofer is watching his dad work on a blower. Kristofer really is enjoying any chance he can find to practice walking. The board walk from the studios to the apartment is a nice chance to get outdoors whenever the winds die down and the sun comes out.

July 14 thru July 20
Were are out here in Bethel hanging out together.

With some help from All Recipes dot COM we have been trying our hand at some from scratch cooking. The results have been very enjoyable.

Kristofer is also trying to find new sources of food. Here he is trying to find a new type of juice. Then he took some time to relax and consume the local newspaper.

We are a little "short" handed on office help.

Almost daily we take an outing to the Post Office. This week we got a package from Auntie Sara with some new clod hoppers for Kristofer. He is enjoying them as you can see as he models them here.

July 21 thru July 27
On many of our previous trips out here to Bethel we have been staying in the guest bedroom. The room has always been without a door. This week that changed. Having the right tools for the job always makes a difference. Here Kristofer is getting a taste of his father's Leatherman tool.

Kristofer prepares the door knob for installation. It is nice to have a real door on the guest room.

Kristofer finds his dads daily walks exhausting.

July 28 thru August 10
Kristofer is still helping us out with all our tasks keeping KYKD going. Here he is screening some public service announcements and taking meter readings on the transmitter.

Folks are always talking about thinking outside the box, maybe it is time we think inside the box a little more. For those hard to reach places we have the best inspector, now if he could just speak clearly when he relays his observations.

Always growing, Kristofer is seen here brushing his tooth. Mobility is here, just need a surface and he'll find a way.

Helping out in the kitchen and using a whisk to practice microphone technique.

We really are enjoying the opportunities to walk together here in Bethel. Many things are within walking distance.

August 11 thru August 17
Helping with the laundry. Looking for a little variety in car seating.

Who knew that green beans would be such a favorite.

Here Karl is installing an additional doorbell. This one is at the house but it rings from the radio studio front door, giving us a little bit of flexibility.

We enjoy hanging out together.

August 18 thru August 24
We are definitely enjoying our time here. Plenty of radio work for all of us. We've managed to add over 100 new songs to the library with an intensive screening effort and we really enjoy working together.

We've heard that back in Houston the summer hasn't really happened yet just a bunch of drizzle. Out here in Bethel we've had plenty of nice sunny days but occasionally we get one like this. This is rain that takes no prisoners.

Yummy, scrambled eggs! This silly hat was a gift that is appreciated.

Now that we've got the hand coordination thing down if we could only tip our head back to allow the liquid to reach the lips. HA HA, daddy! Even with my pants up around my shoulders, I'm invincible with the wedgie protection afforded by my fabulous Huggies.

Sometimes dressing seems less about the praticality of keeping warm and more about the sport of the escape artist. There is no escape for a sack'o'taters.

August 25 thru August 31
Enjoying the sunshine at the playground across the street.

Two new things for Kristofer. His new skill of crawling followed by his first significant fever.

When you see geese flying North in the lower 48 you might wonder where they are going. They are going to Bethel. Here are some geese eating berries and then heading south. Just a heads up, they are on their way.

September 1 thru September 7
The Bailey's are here and getting right to work, taking air-shifts on their second full day here. Bethel is definitely Alaska. Here a sled dog is finding summer work pulling a razor scooter.

Palmer is checking out the apartment with some help from Kristofer. As we think about heading home some alternatives are more viable than others.

The different skills God has packed into babies really are amazing sometimes. When you can't walk on your own, maybe the secret is to get boots large enough to keep you from falling down.

Genesis chapter 9 verses 14 and 15 remind us that even when the trials seem beyond redemption God has promised that he will not destroy us. His plan is for His glory even when things around us don't make sense. While we are talking about what may be on the other side of the rainbow, has anyone seen a ruby slipper? We seem to be missing one.

September 8 thru September 14
This week we say goodbye to KYKD and the town of Bethel. We leave the station in good hands with the Bailey's.They have learned quickly and they are enjoying both the radio station and the community.

We've enjoyed are time here and it is sad to leave.

At home in Houston, Kristofer's new mobility made it essential to get the door to the garage installed.

A new world must be explored and for Kristofer the only way to verify something is to taste it. If Heisenberg were to write an uncertainty principal for 10 month olds it would explain that the more you know about the taste of an electronic device the less you know about how it functions. This picture was taken right before this phone mysteriously ceased to function altogether.

The final package of plumbing parts for the tub in the master bathroom arrived the day after we left for Bethel. Now we finally get to put it all together.

It may be a while before Kristofer can finger the notes correctly but it isn't to early to start developing an ambiture. Still checking everything out, Kristofer becomes our laundry inspector.

On Sunday morning KAGV was not operating correctly and upon inspection, the heavy rain had caused a short at the antenna feed at the base of the tower. Karl worked to design a different insulator arrangement that hopefully will shed water better in the future and we still made it to the second service at church.

September 15 thru September 21
After getting the tub and associated plumbing installed finally the final touch is installing towel rods.

Kristofer works right beside us, always interested in being part of what we are doing. Sometimes he is helpful other times, not so much.

At the radio station, Kristofer enjoys our volunteers. Here he is playing a bit of hide and seek with Joy and Lilly.

Kristofer and his Meemaw got to open her package together.

Fall is in the air and winter is coming quickly as we can see the termination dust getting closer as it comes down the mountains.

On a visit to town we finally found a Pho restaurant! More than two years without Pho was too much! We love that delicious stuff.

Time to get back to work on the house. Here we are finally hooking up the radiant heat tubes for the upstairs section of the house. Soon we will have warm floors in the morning!

September 22 thru September 28
Well there wasn't much of a summer here at home while we were out in Bethel. But with the frost coming regularly now, it is time to get what we can from the garden. Lots of baby lettuce and quite a few potatoes.

Back on the house we're putting in a chimney that will be for a woodstove in the basement. While we aren't ready to put the woodstove in now, this is probably our last chance to safely get up on the roof until next summer.

This is also a good time to start putting in our exterior doors, while it is 40-50 degree air coming inside while we work instead of 5-10 degree air.

Kristofer enjoys inspecting all the little pieces as his dad puts in the door locks.